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  • Snap switch
  • Snap action thermostats

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Thermal Control Products from Comstat

Whether designing a prototype or filling a production need, Comstat is your trusted source for a wide variety of in stock thermal control products including:

Comstat also stocks a large assortment of Honeywell’s Snap Action thermostats including the Redi-temp line, as well as a large selection of compatible Comstat products that are ready to ship. Need something a little different? Value added wire harnesses, overmold assemblies and custom-designed parts are some of Comstat’s specialties.

Application & Design Assistance

Comstat offers complete application and design assistance to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Many have come to rely on Comstat’s first-rate customer service, in-depth technical expertise and value added product manufacturing for thermal protection. Whether you need a custom mount for a snap action thermostat or custom manufactured temperature sensor housing, Comstat is your definitive source for thermal control. Our range of services tailored especially for OEMs include:

  • Thermostat and heater wire harnesses
  • Overmolding and epoxy potting
  • Custom brackets, flanges and housings
  • KanBan and Just In Time (JIT) delivery programs
  • Special labeling and bar coding
  • Our online thermostat design configurator

Large Inventory of Thermal Protection Products

We understand that thermal protection is an essential element to the prototype development process and therefore we maintain a large inventory of parts to meet most needs. Are you an OEM? Contact us to request a sample!

Because Comstat keeps a large variety of standard thermal solution products like bimetal thermostats, snap action thermostats and thermal cutoff fuses in stock, the Comstat customer service team is able to answer any questions you might have regarding specifications and applications with peak efficiency and ensure that your order will ship as quickly as possible. Request a quote today and let us make your thermal control needs our priority!

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