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Adjustable Thermostats

Control Thermostats Provide Low Cost Temperature Control

The TKP Series control thermostats are an economical thermal switch device designed for smooth regulation of a heated device. These thermostats provide temperature regulation at an operator adjusted point within a predetermined tolerance range. They are ideal in a wide variety of control and temperature limiting applications in commercial and household food equipment and industrial electric devices. The TKP Inc offers the following options for Snap Disc thermostats:

  • Models with a variety of operating temperature ranges from 0C to +250C
  • Current Ratings to 16 amps
  • Current Sensitive models available
  • Tolerances depending on need from +/_ 2C - +/- 10C
  • Vary low transient resistance
  • Special parameters and custom requirements available

Many options are available as in stock standard products and are ready to ship. Samples are available for OEM evaluation for new or existing projects:

How do the TKP thermal switch controls work?

The TKP series is bimetallic thermostat device that works on the principle of the differential thermal expansion of two metals. As the temperature increases on the mounting surface plate, this metal expands at a greater rate than the internal assembly. At an adjustable temperature point, the expanding metal base snaps open the contact assembly and opens the circuit of the device being controlled. As the temperature drops, the thermostat returns to its initial closed contact position thus maintaining the temperature within a set range determined by the operator. Accuracy tolerances up to two degrees Celsius are available.

For more technical and application information, or contact us to speak directly with a member of the highly knowledgeable Comstat team.

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